Break away from your typical Chinese herbal drinks
Gecklor, a Zá Liáng formulated drink which consists of 10 authentic Chinese herbs,
This is why it is cooling, thurst-quenching and refreshing.
It also contains no tea nor caffeine so what you get
is a pure delicacy from authentic herbs.

Luo Han Guo 5.0%
Helps relieving ulcer and thirst quenching
Chrysanthemum 35.0%
Helps cooling the body and relieving ulcer
Grass Jelly 30.0%
Helps relieving mouth ulcer, Thirst quenching, thinning and loosening phlegm
Bamboo Leaves 4.0%
Helps maintain kidneys and body cooling
Liquorice 30.0%
Thirst quenching, fever reduction and anti-inflammatory
Gingko Leaves 3.0%
Helps enhance blood circulation, prevent amnesia and relief asthma
Pegasus flowers 3.0%
Helps relieving mouth ulcer, Thirst quenching and anti-inflammatory
Honey Suckles flowers 4.0%
Help improve urinary system and natural detoxification
Mulberry 3.0%
Helps reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and reduce fasting blood sugar
Grass 4.0%
Helps relieving mouth ulcer, refreshing and thirst quenching
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